Roy Minter


Burghill and Tillington Cricket Club have enjoyed consecutive promotions to reach Division Two in the Worcestershire County Cricket League. For a small but successful squad, keeping all the playing staff in prime condition has been an important part of this rapid promotion. The club is proud to be associated with Roy Minter, who has kept both young and old, bowlers and batsmen, fit and in action throughout the season, providing amazing results with his specialist and extremely effective treatment. At a personal level, having suffered lower back problems for four months, and after having tried both chiropractic and more conventional physiotherapy, pre-season nets saw me ready to hang my boots up. Roy was recommended by colleagues, and it was with some scepticism that I booked in. I was warned of that old exercise motto “no pain, no gain” but had reached desperation, and faced the prospect of an early sporting retirement. I was still dubious after a bold statement during my initial consultation that things could be fixed, and I should be back up and bowling soon. Within the space of only four treatments, the severe difficulties I had been experiencing were resolved, leaving me to continue to build up my core stability, and play right through the season! Roy is now recognised as the official club physio, having successfully treated several players. You are handled professionally, always with a clear explanation of your problem, and the best course of action to be taken. Burghill and Tillington Cricket Club has benefited enormously and strongly recommends the Hay Sports Injury Clinic to any ailing sports personalities out there – it can be fixed! Mike Pledge (B&TCC Committee, Oct 2010)

Darren Faces His Toughest Challenge
Local athlete Darren Mathias is about to embark on one of the toughest ultra challenges on the planet. The race is known as the 6633 Ultra and begins on March 22nd and lasts for nine days, finishing on Saturday 30th. The race begins at Eagle Plains/Yukon and lasts for a staggering 352 miles entering the Artic circle and finally finishing on the banks of the Artic Ocean.  Click here to read more

Roy solves my various aches and pains!

As an active, retired sixty-something with a legacy of injuries from 25 years rugby and one serious car accident (no anterior cruciate ligament in my RH knee plus chronic back, calf and hamstring issues), I tend to get recurrent muscle problems from walking, gardening and other more strenuous exercise.  As a fly-fisherman, right shoulder pain can be a problem as well but, when it flares up Roy sorts it out. As a result of the instability of my right leg, I also developed a very serious, chronic Achilles tendon injury and was advised by a highly reputable orthopaedic surgeon that surgery would be required unless the scar tissue could be dissipated by deep massage.  Roy has completely solved the Achilles problem and, whenever my old muscles are revolting, he sorts them out!  I am so grateful to Roy for his help and would not hesitate to recommend that you consult him too.

D J Collins, Moccas, 2009

I have received treatment from Roy for various sport injury problems during the previous 12 months. 
In April of this year I ran my first Marathon, however, I suffered various injuries particularly when I began to increase my mileage.  Roy successfully treated an old groin strain which resurfaced in January.  In addition I suffered lower abdominal pain which was becoming a constant problem when I ran.  Although this was vey painful to treat I ran the London Marathon without feeling any discomfort at all!
Roy has always been able to arrange a convenient appointment with me, frequently at short notice.  He has guided me when to rest an injury and exactly what to do to return to training for the Marathon, ensuring a quick recovery for me every time.  
Roy is always professional, friendly and instils confidence in his clients, especially when your injury causes you to doubt your abilities. 
Three weeks after running the marathon I was even able to run my first half marathon!

I would not hesitate in highlighting to any potential patient how greater impact Roy had on treating my ankle problems and allowing me to return to playing sport. Before being treated by Roy I spent 12 frustrating months with no significant progress in the rehab process despite having been treated by other different specialists. In a short space of time Roy applied his fantastic knowledge, skills and humour to treat my injury successfully. I would not fall short of saying that was the major influence in saving my sporting career. For any injured athlete Roy's input is a must.

Liam Craig  12/5/2009