Roy Minter


My Work and Vision

"I have been running the sport injury clinics for a number of years now and the work has blossomed and expanded beyond my wildest expectations.

The major part of what I do is related to pain conditions and sport injuries. Over the years I have developed techniques which although involve working quite deeply and have proved over and over to be the most effective means of restoring people to health and fitness. In the shortest amount of time. The treatments in essence are a series of deep releases, which free the muscular system to function normally again, and actually appear to promote or revive the body’s natural healing process.

I am also a student of trigger point releases, which are key areas in the muscular system, which cause and influence pain, and during treatments time is always given to check the involvement of trigger points in all pain conditions.

I see the body as a whole not just individual muscles and respect the need to restore the body where there is pain caused by dysfunction and to get to the root cause of the problem not just deal with the symptoms.

I am passionate about my work and feel it a privilege to be able to help people through difficult times of pain and injury and am convinced that so many are living with pain unnecessarily".


Roy Minter M.H.F.S.T.