Roy Minter

DarrenDarren Faces His Toughest Challenge
Local athlete Darren Mathias is about to embark on one of the toughest ultra challenges on the planet. The race is known as the 6633 Ultra and begins on March 22 nd and lasts for nine days, finishing on Saturday 30 th .

The race begins at Eagle Plains/Yukon and lasts for a staggering 352 miles entering the Artic circle and finally finishing on the banks of the Artic Ocean. It is a non stop self-sufficient race on foot in wh ich competitors have to pull sleds carrying all their provisions including food, camping, cooking and safety gear. Competitors will face extreme freezing conditions of -50 degrees and part of the course is known as Hurricane Valley where wind speeds have been known to blow lorries over!! In the previous 5 races held only 7 athletes have successfully completed the 352 miles.

Darren has been training with this race in mind for two years often staying out on the mountains in the coldest weather to acclimatise his body as much as possible to the conditions he will face. He goes in to this race in great shape but knows he is about to b e tested to limits of his endurance. We wish you great success Darren in this epic endurance race.